2019 THE Other Art Fair London
2019 MIET "All my desires" Thessaloniki Greece
2018 Technochoros Art Gallery,Athens "snapshots"
2017-Giorgio de Chirico, municipal Gallery, Volos, Greece
2016- Papatzikou Gallery, Veria, Greece
- Exhibition in the European Parliament, Mezzanine Yehudi Menuhin Space, Brussels
- Galerie Theorema, Brussels
2015 – Aenaon, Athens
2013 – Hellenic Centre, London
– Art Gallery “Kaplanon 5”, Athens
2010 – Municipal Gallery of Larissa, Katsigra Museum, Larissa
– Municipal Gallery of Volos, Giorgio de Chirico, Volos
2009 – Astrolavos artlife, Athens

2016 – Art Thessalonikis, Thessaloniki
– Art Athina, Athens
– Gallery Papatzikou, "Follow me", Veria
2015 – The Collection Gallery, "Embody", Nicosia
– Frissiras Museum, "Elles", Athens
– Gallery Papatzikou, "mikri forma", Veria
2012 – Art Gallery “Kaplanon 5”, Depot/ Small Works, Athens
– Art Gallery “Kaplanon 5” and Municipality of Lamia, “Pathways of Art”, Municipal Gallery of Lamia “ALEKOS KONTOPOULOS”
2011 – Gallery Theorema, “Expo Collective”, Brussels
– Τhe Nunnery Gallery, Interim Show, Wimbledon College of Art, London
2010 – Municipal Gallery of Volos, “40x40”, Volos
– Sprout Community Arts, “Salad al Fresco”, London
2009 – Former Military Camp "Kodra", “Kodra-Fresh”, Thessaloniki
2008 – State Museum of Modern Art, “I create, therefore I am”, Thessaloniki
– 5th Biennale New Artists, Hotel Maris, Crete
2007 - Archaelogical Museum of Thessaloniki, Small Works, Thessaloniki