Private exhibitions

2015 "Through Children’s Eyes", Altes Rathaus, Vienna, Austria

2010 "Modulation", Gavras Art Gallery, Athens

2007 Gavras Art Gallery, Athens

2003 "Pictorial itineraries", Metaxourgio, Volos

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 "Sky and Sea", Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu, Corfu

2018 "Magic Strokes", Skoufa Gallery, Athens

2017 "Silent Night", Skoufa Gallery, Athens

2017 LOBART Fest, Naousa

2017 "Blue water", Art Prisma Gallery, Piraeus

2016 "Gaze", Kalamata Fine Arts

2016 LOBART Fest, Naousa

2016 "Ἁnthropocentric approaches", Art Prisma Gallery, Piraeus

2016 "Anthropografies" Fellios collection, Municipal Art Gallery of Agrinio

2016 "New era Eaudesea", House of Cyprus, Athens

2015 'Elles', Frissiras Museum, Athens

2014 'On Domenico Theotokopoulos (El Greco)', Ena Art Gallery, Athens

2014 'RE-culture ΙΙΙ, Sotiris Felios Collection, Patra

2014 'Art Athina',Kaplanon 5 Gallery, Athens

2014 'Last Supper', Kaplanon 5 Gallery, Athens

2014 'Writing Samples' Gallery ena, Athens

2013 'Exhibition of contemporary Greek art' Shanghai, China

2013 'Cavafy' Kaplanon 5 Gallery, Athens

2013 "George A' ", Kaplanon 5 Gallery, Athens

2013-14 "The sheep" Journey to a pastoral life: Architecture and Art, Cultural Centre "Hellenic Cosmos", Athens, Folklore Museum Arachova, Szabadteri Neprajzi Museum Budapest, Hungary

2013 "The aura of styles and colors", Municipal Gallery of Paros

2013 "Ploes", P. & M. Kydonieus Foundation in Andros

2013 "Art Athina", with Kaplanon 5 Gallery, Athens

2013 "Grape and Wine", Gallery J & H Vati, Ermoupoli, Siros

2013 "Mesologi and Lord Byron", Gallery X & A Moschandreou, Mesologi

2012 "From the heart of our city", Kaplanon 5 Gallery, Athens

2012 "Face to Face", Frissiras Museum, Athens

2011 "Pictorial tribute to Alexandros Papadiamantis", Melina Merkouri Cultural Center, Athens

2011 "Self-portraits", Gavras Art Gallery, Athens

2011 "The Garden of Illussions", Cube, Patras

2010 "Decomposing the canvas - Fabricating the image" Greek Painters, Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki, from Antonis & Azia Hatzioannou Collection

2010 "Human Standards", Melina Merkouri Cultural Center, Athens

2010 "Sweet summer", History & Historical and Folklore Museum of Aegina

2010 "Eye", Gazi, , Athens

2010 "Welcoming Spring", Atrion, Thessaloniki

2010 "It happened in Athens", Melina Merkouri Cultural Center, Athens

2009 "Among the peanut trees", Tower Markelos, Aegina

2009 "New Generation Great Masters", Athens Art Space, Athens

2009 "20 artists + 1 reason ", Mansion Zafeireiou, Volos

2009 "Water color in the Greek landscape", Gallery of Contemporary Balkan Art, Limnos

2008 Porfirogenio Foundation, Agria, Volos

2008 "Painters' Aegina", Historical and Folklore Museum of Aegina

2007 "Portrait", Art Gallery Gavras, Athens

2006 "The nude", Art Gallery Gavras, Athens

2005 New Artists Exhibition 'Melina Mercouri', Hydra

2003 "ASFA New Artists", Municipal Art Gallery of Karditsa

2003 Technopolis, Gazi, Athens

2003 Giorgio de Chirico Foundation, Volos

2002 1st National Exhibition of Miniature Art, Greece, Vafopouleio Cultural Center, Thessaloniki

2000 "2000 Cans", 'Lithography Workshop of Piraeus street', Athens

2000 "Figure, Space, Time", Speerer Building, Volos

1999 "Ricordo di Elio Romano", Art Gallery 'Le Ciminiere', Italy

1998 ASFA students exhibition, Maris Hotel, Herakleion Crete

1997 Intl. Workshop "Process and Mentality", Delphi