(4) SILENCE MUSEUM 1 - 2017 - pigment po

Solo Exhibitions

-2019 Silence Museum, Ikastikos kiklos DL gallery, Athens

-2018 Misreading, Grigoriadis Gallery, Athens

-2016 Eutopia of Elias Papanikolaou “Eutopia” elite shop, Athens
-2015 On the journey of the line Ikastikos kiklos gallery, Athens
-2015 Poetic Wall Metamorfosis gallery, Thessaloniki
-2013 Poetic routes Syntagma Metro Station, Athens
-2013 On the terrace of childhood Metamorfosis gallery, Thessaloniki
-2013 In the dance of painting touch Cube gallery, Patras
-2013 The pose of pine needle Kaplanon5 gallery, Athens
-2011 On the breeze Cube gallery, Patras
-2011 Painterly sonnets Melanythros art gallery, Athens
-2009 Contemplation Astrolavos gallery, Athens
-2006 Globalization Titanium gallery, Athens
-2000 Do you smoke? Zoumboulaki gallery, Athens
-1996 Take a matchbox of memory ARTIO gallery, Athens

He has also participated in numerous important group exhibitions, auctions and art actions.