Adrianos Sotiris was born in Athens 1977.

Studied painting at the Athens School of fine Arts under professor Dimitris Mitaras and Zaharias Arvanitis.
Graduated with honors the year 2004.

At 2004 he opens a preparatory workshop for candidate students for the exams of "Athens School of fine Arts" and at 2006 all of his students pass the exams.

Since then he teaches Drawing and painting for the AKTO Art & Design "private college of applied and fine arts"

At 2010 he was Honored with Distinction for his artwork "Instict" at the 4th Beijing International Art Biennale “Ecology and Homestead”

At 2011 he received honors for his artwork "Choises" from the Public Benefit Foundation "Kon. Andreou". Honors for the participation in the second art contest, entitled "Woman".

At 2012 he was selected at the competition for the OLYMPIC FINE ARTS LONDON 2012 exhibition (creative cities collection) Barbican Center, London and received gold medal.

Adrianos paintings can be found on many private collections and at the National Museum of China, Beijing.



Geometric composition with elements
Emerging Venus